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Technical specifications ... ELITECO

The right choice for SASO standards switches and sockets solutions. Eliteco factory is a leading national manufacture of sockets and switches. Ownership of Eliteco trademark for light control and dimming solutions which provides the latest solutions for various uses based on the highest level of quality and safety measures tested by the latest international tools. …

  • 1- All products are made of finest polyethylene carbonate ( Lexan ) supplied by SABIC that resists burning and all hash weather conditions …
  • 2- All back sockets that can accommodate all types of wires with strong fixators which prevent sparks and fire …
  • 3-The Only Saudi product which is characterized by an internal plug (Bridge in bilateral keys and triple quadruple) to save time and reduces the electrical Consumptions and the presence of wires inside the enclosure wall, which is more economic and safer.
  • 4- Four slots for fixing on the wall iron box which gives more choices for the Electrician and saves his time …
  • 5- All internal contactors are made of pure copper which increases the conductivity and lead to non-proliferation of internal heat and sparks …
  • 6- The electrical socket dos not store static charges in the devices connected to it
  • 7-High mechanical resistance which leads to high shock resistance..
  • 8-Easy for fixing and removing.
  • 9- Well packed and closed to protest all goods during storage and transportation.
  • 10-the electrical Switches are available with 15 and 20 amp (used for lighting) and 20 amp (used for water heater) and 45 amp (Used for air conditioners), as well as 13 amp sockets according to SASO requirements.

Big collection of Control devices, light switches and electrical sockets: